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a1.5.5 - Movement is now random.
The pony now randomly moves verticaly.
a1.5.0 - All the following visual updates are for female pony only.
Fixed a visual bug where the pony's face would look like rubber.
Fixed "springy wings and horns".
Added aging.
Added filly animations.
Made the UI more visual to make it easier to see stats.
-Added 4 pictures to the happyness / stats face.
--Picture now changes depending on level of happyness.
Hunger is now visually represented on the top of the screen.
Made muffins.
Made some balance fixes on hunger and happyness.
-Hunger now stops at 0.
-happyness can no longer go above 100.
-when hunger is below 50, happyness will start to decline.
Put the petting back in.
Removed male ponies until there's somthing to see.

a1.3.4 - Added walk animation for female.
Removed petting function because of bugs.

a1.3.0 - Added hay as food.
Made medical into a menu.
Dental is now in medical menu.
Added effect to mouseclicks anywhere on the screen.
Added "swipe" funtion which allow the player to pet the pony.(Bugged?)

a1.0.0 - The player can now pick a color for the mane and fur separatly.

a1.0.0 - Game enters Alpha 1.0.0.

0.9.4 - The pony now has a color picker. The mane and fur shares color.

0.9.0 - The player can now chose gender and type for the pony.

0.8.0 - Basic graphic for the pony is done.

0.4.2 - Buttons got some work. It no longer looks like garbage.

0.3.0 - The game now has all the statistics on a "stats-screen"

0.1.0 - Stats now show up on the screen. Just basic stats like hunger.

0.1.0 - Basic GUI included. The box can be fed with cake.

0.0.2 - Box now moving randomly.

0.0.1 - Basic engine made. Box moving back and forth.

0.0.0 - Game ideas drafted and game enters pre-Alpha.

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